3 Amazing Walk-In Chicken Coops For Under $300

Keep your soul clean and your boots dirty. – Anonymous

When to expand the population of your flock? Perhaps you’ve moved to a smallholding or you love your birds so much that you want more of them and a bigger is needed! Walk-in chicken coops for under $300 are convenient because they are very accessible, easy to clean and maintain, and they give your flock more room to grow and stretch!

Walk-in chicken coops have many benefits:

Easy maintenance

No stooping with walk-in chicken coops

You don’t need to be comfortable in a cramped space. You can simply walk in and do what you need to do.

Predator proof walk in chicken run

No racoons are getting into this one

Walk-in coops work like a large run or enclosure. Often made with sturdy weather-proof material that is intended to keep your flock in, and the predators out.

Lots Of Fresh Air

Due to their large run space, you are allowing your hens access to plenty of fresh air. This is definitely a plus in terms of health benefits. There are several studies that show how keeping a flock in poor ventilated coops causes infections and other illnesses.

Photo by Sophie Mikat on Unsplash

Looking for the perfect coop can be tedious, but here are some criteria to take note of before spending your hard-earned money on your flock’s new home.

  1. It must be sturdy and made of good quality materials.
  2. Has enough ventilation, which is very important.
  3. It is easy-to-access from different points.

Once you have narrowed down the search based on those criteria, you will have an easier time finding the ideal coop for your growing flock. If you are working within a budget here are some walk in chicken coops and runs you may want to look into for under $300!

Best Choice Products Outdoor Wooden Coop

Aside from the fact that this coop is absolutely gorgeous to have in your backyard, it is equally functional as well. It has a raised living space with a ramp to allow easy access to the run at any time. It is completely secure with two doors equipped with a locking system. One door is on the run and the other is on housing unit. It also has an easy-access nesting box, which is very convenient for cleaning and gathering eggs. Thanks to its large size, it is relatively easy to maintain. You can enter through the run and change the water container and feeders with less hassle.

One of the major pros of this coop is that it already comes with a living space for your flock unlike other coops within this price range which makes it one of the best chicken coop kits available to buy online.

ALEKO Metal Walk-in Chicken Coops

Now this is more of a run than a coop, but with this walk-in space, you are allowing your flock to have more room to stretch and grow. You can easily build a smaller housing unit within the area to accommodate your hens.

walk-in chicken coops

This particular coop is made out of galvanized metal and a waterproof cover. The enclosure provides ample fresh air, which is definitely a top priority to prevent any respiratory diseases.

Giantex Large Metal Chicken Coop

Similar to the previous coop, this is also more of a run than an actual coop. You would still need to build or provide a separate living space for your hens to sleep and lay their eggs.

walk-in chicken coops

This coop is great for outdoor use with its UV and waterproof cover. It provides your birds with protection from the elements but also allows enough ventilation. The mesh is coated with PVC which makes it more durable and less susceptible to damage. The tubing is made out of galvanized iron which is easy to maintain and absolutely safe for your chickens.

When it comes to choosing the best home for your flock, your options are endless! Just remember that there are many walk in chicken coops for sale but the coop you choose should always prioritize the security and safety of your birds. It never hurts to spend a little more, but if you are working within a budget these walk-in chicken coops will do well for you.