The Best Resources And Tools For Raising Chickens

Are you looking for the best resources and tools for keeping poultry? 🐔

On this page you'll find my list of favorite and most recommended products for keeping chickens. There are so many great tools and products out there to choose from but I've personally selected a few based on my experience.

Chicken Coop Construction

Easy Coops: This is a phenomenal resource that provides 15 high quality construction guides for all kinds of chicken coop. It's pretty much everything you need in one bundle, and costs just under $30. Anyone serious about building their own coop should get a copy of this.

Building A Chicken Coop: This is the highly popular and established Building A Chicken Coop program. This program has helped thousands of people build high quality chicken coops at home at minimal cost. Highly recommended.

Recommended reading on raising and breeding chickens

Here are some quick links to my favorite books (on Amazon):

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Chicken fencing

MTB Galvanized Chicken Wire: You're not going to get far without quality netting. MTB is my favorite and super affordable for a roll.

Hint: Choose 150 feet as you'll need to make repairs eventually and it's good to have on hand.

Ready-made coop

PawHut Galvanized Chicken Coop: Don't have time or energy to build yourself a chicken coop and just want something that is ready to go (and will last forever)?

What you probably want is a galvanized chicken coop. It's very simple in design (doesn't win design awards) but will stay up in a hurricane.

That's it.

If there's anything I absolutely should add to this list, please contact me and let me know.

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