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The average chicken lays over 260 eggs a year, and that can lead to over FIVE THOUSAND eggs for your family per year!. If you’re planning to keep chickens and eat fresh free-range eggs for breakfast every day you’ll need a chicken coop.

If you’re after chicken coop designs use the links at the top or right-hand side of the site for some amazing designs, from New England chic to the red barn-style exterior.

If you know how many chickens you want to house then use the guides to look at large chicken coops or small. For DIY chicken Coop kits click on the top right link to understand what kits are available and the pro’s and cons of each one…before you buy.

chicken Coop plans
Create a beautiful chicken coop like this one!

15 DIY Chicken Coop Plans

If you’ve decided to save-money, build a chicken coop yourself from a set of plans and need a simple place to start this ebook by Easy Coops is definitely worth a look. The great thing about a step by step set of plans with a full materials and tools list is it takes the research and prep-work out (No wasted time on measurements and material).