Remarkably Simple Chicken Coop Designs With Terrific Predator Protection

Starting a small farm in your yard can be quite exciting but planning is definitely essential. Thanks to technology allowing us access to tons of information, backyard farming has become accessible to everyone. You can easily research chicken coop designs, plans and even techniques on the internet with a quick search.

Life on a farm is a school of patience; you can’t hurry the crops or make an ox in two days. – Henri Alain

Having fresh eggs every morning is a dream that can soon be a reality. All you need is a small flock of hens and a rooster! And of course, you would also need to provide them with proper shelter.

The key to a good coop is the design. If you are planning to create building plans for a chicken coop it’s important that the coop you design fits the space you plan to put it in. The next thing you should consider is ventilation, a coop that has little or no ventilation is a breeding ground for all sorts of diseases. Remember, one sick bird can easily contaminate the rest of the flock.

Here are simple chicken coop designs you may want to use when building a home for your new flock:

Chicken Tractor Design

Portable chicken coop designs.

This coop, at most, consumes about 42 square feet of space. It is great for people who have a very small area to work with. It is bottomless, therefore makes it a lot easier to maintain because cleaning is not an issue. You can simply move the coop to another space and the flock’s waste becomes your soil’s fertilizers, serving a double purpose. It’s simple design means that if you are building a chicken coop for 6 chickens this one provides a lot of ventilation for the flock, and contrary to what you may think – the space is enough for at least 6 birds.

chicken Coop designs

Chicken Tractor

Small Traditional Coop

Non-portable chicken coop designs

This type of coop is most ideal for people who are just starting out. It can house up to a flock of ten and is very easy to access, which is something you want if your goal is to collect eggs easily. This is possible via a separate door access to the nesting boxes. It is well ventilated thanks to the large mesh windows. The slanted roofing allows rainwater to slide off the coop providing the flock with protection. For this kind of coop, fencing is essential to keep predators out especially if your home is near to wildlife. You want to be able to allow your chickens to move around safely, having them locked up in a confined space for a long period of time may affect egg production.

chicken Coop designs

Traditional chicken coop

Simple Walk-In Coop

Modern structured extra large chicken coops that covers a total of 120 square feet of space or more. The 18 square feet is dedicated to an indoor space for nesting and shelter, whereas 102 square feet allows the flock to roam. With this design, you would not need extra fencing at all. The protruding nesting box allows easier egg collection. With chicken coop designs this big, it’s much more convenient for owners to clean up within the space. The only concern with this is that it is not portable, and you cannot move it easily unlike the tractor or smaller types. 

Walk in Chicken coop designs

Even simple chicken coop designs need certain accessories. You can purchase these chicken coop accessories from your local farm supply store or even online! Here is a list of things you need:

  1. Bedding for the floor.
  2. Fencing around the perimeter of the coop.
  3. Treadle feeder for the feed.
  4. Water container.
  5. Straw for the nesting box.
  6. A run or ladder for your chicken to access the shelter.

Caring and keeping a flock of chickens is actually quite easy is you stick with simple chicken coop designs, all you need are the bare essentials to work with, you’re good to go!

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