Chicken Coops And Runs That Will Deliver Happy Chickens

Chicken Coops And Runs That Will Deliver Happy Chickens

If you have been able to compare the mass produced eggs you get from the grocery versus home-grown eggs from the farmer's market, you would probably wonder what makes the latter seems tastier and why does it have a more vibrant yolk color. Chickens that are grown in a good environment with quality feeds and care are happier. There have been various studies that show how happy chickens actually produce better tasting eggs.

You don't have to live on a farm to have chickens; in some places, you just need a little bit of green space and a tide chicken coop. To me, they're nearly ideal pets. They feed us more than we feed them!

-- Amy Robach

So, the main question is, how do you keep your chickens happy to get the tastiest eggs? Let us compare and contrast. We know that eggs we buy from the grocery would've come from a large poultry farm packed with hundreds or even thousands of hens. They are pumped with antibiotics and other supplements that allow them to produce more eggs in a shorter time-frame but in terms of quality, not really the best. They are completely pushed to the limit and are utterly stressed out. It's no wonder there's a huge difference in quality. However, chickens that are grown and cared for in chicken coops and runs have better living space, less stress, and a steady supply of quality feed. They may not produce thousands of eggs in a day, but they make enough for your daily consumption.

Of course, there are other factors that contribute to having tasty eggs. One of which is nutrition. Feeding your chickens well can definitely ensure good quality eggs.

  1. Don't skimp on the feed. They deserve the best.
  2. Provide them with an abundant supply of fresh, clean water.
  3. Allow them to forage through your garden for flowers, herbs, and other leafy greens.
  4. Give them treats like mealworms and eggshells to increase their macronutrient intake.
  5. Fruit snacking is good too, you can give them watermelons and strawberries in moderation.

In addition to good sources of nutrition, it is also important that you keep your hens in a coop that they will enjoy living in. Although ideally, you only need 2 to 3 feet per chicken, having a larger space or a smaller flock can make a world of difference.

You can opt to get a coop that has a large enclosure that will allow them to roam freely within the space. Just be sure that their nesting space is also well ventilated. Having good ventilation is just as important as having a roof over their heads during rainy weather. Without proper ventilation your coop can breed all sorts of bacteria which will eventually get your hens sick and stressed out. Thus, affecting your egg quality and the amount of production.

Here are a few chicken coops and runs you may want to consider to keep your friends happy and content:

Table of Contents

  1. Traditional Coop with Run
  2. Simple Chicken Tractor
  3. Simple chicken coops and runs
  4. Massive Enclosure
  5. Large chicken coops and runs for big spaces

Traditional Coop with Run

With this coop's design you are able to provide your flock with both security and space. It's easy on the eyes too! Here, they have access to foraging space, and a well-ventilated hen house for nesting and sleeping. Unlike ordinary coops, you wouldn't need to put additional fencing to keep predators out since the run is already covered with mesh wiring for protection. Of the chicken coops and runs featured on this page, this one is the best for a small flock of 2-3 birds.

coop with run

Simple Chicken Tractor

Simple chicken coops and runs

Most experienced farmers choose to have a chicken tractor than a standalone outdoor chicken coop. It's mobility allows the farmer to move the coop around to give the flock access to a variety of greens. This design provides the flock with roaming space in spite of its smaller size. It is a functional space saver and lends itself to being DIY chicken run.

simple with run

Massive Enclosure

Large chicken coops and runs for big spaces

If you are planning to have a medium-sized flock, you'll need a bigger space and ordinary chicken runs may not be enough. You can definitely make your own enclosure. All you need is an ordinary coop and additional fencing. With a larger space like this, you are providing your flock with a lot of exercise and fresh air. This can definitely improve their disposition and increase egg production. With a walk in chicken coop the whole thing tends to have a roof, this design doesn't need one as long as your fencing is high enough to make sure no predators can jump in.


In conclusion, we can definitely say that happy hens make better eggs. Keeping your flock happy does not need to be expensive. You just need to remember the basics; good food, enough ventilation, clean water, and roaming space. With these in mind you're bound to have tasty eggs in no time!

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