4 Chicken Coop Ideas That Border On Genius

If you are one of those people who have dreamed of getting away from the hustle bustle of city living and have planned to settle down in the country, you probably thought of having a little farm of your own. After all, it would be cost-effective and exponentially healthier to do so. Who wouldn't want fresh eggs for breakfast everyday?

Table of Contents

  1. 4 Chicken Coop Ideas That Border on Genius
  2. Chicken Tractor
  3. The simplest of the chicken coop ideas
  4. Pastured Pen
  5. Mobile Chicken Coop
  6. Traditional Chicken Coop

Chicken coop ideas

Before anything else, you must know the basics. Raising chickens are actually quite easy to do, all you need is the basics and you're good to go. The first thing you will need is a coop. The coop you choose must be able to house the number of chickens you plan to raise as well as the accessories they need to thrive such as; feeders and nesting boxes. Here are a few simple steps you need to know building your chicken coop:

  1. Choose the location of your coop.
  2. Based on how big your flock is, estimate the size of your coop. (Approximately 2 to 5 square ft per bird).
  3. Plan the design of your coop.
  4. Build the frame and start building the exterior.
  5. Add your roofing and interior accessories.

Of course these steps will vary depending on what kind of coop you decide to build.

Take a look at these great chicken coop ideas that border on genius!

Chicken Tractor

The simplest of the chicken coop ideas

Chicken tractor

Contrary to what you may think, a chicken tractor isn't motorized nor does it have any resemblance to a tractor at all. It is a floorless portable coop. The reason it has been termed as a tractor is because it can be easily moved from one place to the other. Since it doesn't have a built in floor, their waste goes directly to your garden as fertilizer! Talk about efficiency right? There's no need to constantly clean the coop, because it is basically self-cleaning. These are easy inexpensive chicken coops designed for small or large spaces.

It's easy to purchase at your local farm supply store, is one of the best chicken coop kits{.rank-math-link} to buy and very easy to build. The only disadvantage to this kind of coop is that you can only keep a small flock due to its size.

Pastured Pen

Similar to the chicken tractor, a pastured pen is moveable. However it is larger in size that usually measures about 10 by 10 by 2 feet. The purpose of this type of coop is to allow movement for a bigger flock and provide them with fresh grass. Ideally, they should be moved at least once every day.

Pastured coop

If you plan to start with a large flock, this type of coop will be ideal for you since it's easy on the wallet and very sturdy. It can withstand different weather conditions and keeps your flock safe from predators. Because of its larger size, it may be difficult to move around especially when you are alone. Lots chicken run kits for sale are pastured coops as the kits are relatively easy to assemble and don't need specialist tools.

Mobile Chicken Coop

Unlike the chicken tractor, a mobile coop has flooring. It is also equipped with wheels that allows easy movement. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, so all you need to do is figure out how many chickens you want to raise and base your decision upon that. Small versions of this coop can be moved by hand but larger ones need to be hooked on a vehicle.

Chicken coop ideas -- moveable coop

Traditional Chicken Coop

These coops are what automatically comes to mind whenever you talk about raising chickens. If you don't really have a huge yard, moveable coops are not necessary. The static coop has a lot of potential and, depending on size can be a 25 chicken hen house or a 4 chicken coop. It gives you the opportunity to maximize the use of different accessories such as; roosting perches and different kinds of feeders. It is also one of the best chicken coops if there are a lot of predators in your area. The only downside to this coop is that you would need to clean it regularly to keep your flock in good health.

Traditional coop

Once you have decided what kind of coop would best fit your yard, customize your chicken coop ideas to fit your needs then create some detailed chicken coop plans. You'll be raising chickens in no time!

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