The Best Chicken Coop Designs That Look Stunning In Any Backyard

These will look stunning in any backyard!

Urban farming has become such a trend that there are dozens of backyard farms popping up everywhere. Aside from planting produce, raising chickens is quite popular. Most keep it simple, merely assembling left-over wood together to make a simple chicken coop. It doesn’t have to be the best chicken coop as long as the coop provides the flock with shelter, everything should be in order. But who says your coop has to be boring? With design ingenuity, you can have both style and function in one!

Take a look at these creative chicken coop designs that would look amazing in your backyard:

Nesting Haven

If anything, the main purpose of even having a flock at your disposal is to have an abundant supply of fresh eggs every day. By providing your hens with a comfortable nesting space, you can definitely guarantee this. With this particular design, you have a large nesting space which is easily accessible from the outside. There’s no need to get into the coop and disturb your flock’s space. Look out for high-quality chicken coop kits rather than trying to build something like this yourself.

best chicken coop

Best coop for ease of egg collection

Coop On Wheels

Mobile coops are quite ideal for homes with large spaces and for people who like changing things up every now and then. These coops are equipped with wheels for easy transportation, all you need is a vehicle to pull it around. Then secure the perimeter against possible predators with a mesh fence and you’re good to go. For this particular coop, the red and white design gives off a very barn-like feeling, truly something you would want to have in your backyard.

best chicken coop

Coop And Greenhouse

Talking about aesthetics and function, this design definitely takes the cake. As we mentioned, urban farming has become such a fad that it’s not just about having produce. With this coop and greenhouse combo, you have the best of both worlds in a very safe structure. In fact, it looks good enough to live in. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came with a fancy nesting area providing the flock with top-of-the-line accessories. 

best chicken coops

White Picket Fence

Best chicken coop for just looking gorgeous (and 3-6 birds)

Everyone appreciates miniature versions of their homes – from mailboxes and now to coops. This design was based on an actual home and it even came with the white picket fence, fancy right? The coop also features an accessible nesting box, run, and secured roaming area for your flock. Keeping them entertained and providing them with the shelter they need. It’s easy on the eyes and definitely functional!

Best chicken coop design for looking great.

The Open Yard

Best chicken coop for large spaces and big flocks.

This type of coop is technically classified as a traditional coop. It has your basic hen house with all the amenities and in addition to this, you also have a large roaming space for your flock. This coop would do great if you have enough space to accommodate it. The large area will allow your birds to de-stress easily, provides great ventilation and this walk in chicken coop allows you to collect eggs from the nest boxes without stooping.

The Open Yard – Best chicken Coop for large spaces

Front Porch

If you have a small flock, this design will be great for them. It provides all of the bare necessities they need and it is absolutely adorable to have in your yard. It almost seems like an oversized dollhouse if you asked me. With a porch, a stair-like run leading to the roaming space, it’s definitely something any starter farm should have.

Front Porche – Best best backyard chicken coop for 6 birds

There are dozens of designs to choose from, but aside from functionality and aesthetics there is one important thing every coop must have; ventilation. Chickens produce a lot of moisture and ammonia, thus keeping them in a poorly ventilated space creates a breeding ground for disease and this is something you must avoid at all costs.

  1. Proper ventilation removes humidity.
  2. Large windows remove the fumes of ammonia.
  3. Having just the right amount of ventilation keeps the coop from getting too warm.

At the end of the day, you must factor in a lot of different elements when building the best chicken coop for your start-up farm. Keep it stylish, functional and well-ventilated for your flocks thrive.