2 Children feeding chickens

Can Chickens Eat Celery?

As a chicken lover, it can be so tempting to give them a treat sometimes. They are part of the family, and it can be really fun to watch your chickens enjoy leftover food that we take for granted.

It can be enjoyable to watch your chickens fight to get their share of the treats, and it’s a joyous feeling to see them happy. It is even better when the treats that you give them come with health benefits. 

We all know that celery comes with health benefits, and you might want to pass the benefits onto your chickens. However, when you try to feed your chickens celery you may notice they turn their noses up and ignore it.

This guide will be looking at whether chickens can eat celery, whether they enjoy it and how you can introduce celery, and all its health benefits, into your chicken’s diet. 

2 Children feeding chickens

Can chickens eat celery?

We all love our chickens and we want to be able to treat them every now and then.

If you like celery you might want to feed some to your chickens as a treat, but the question is ‘is it safe to feed chickens celery?’.

The good news is yes, it is safe for chickens to eat celery, but they might not want to. As a chicken owner, you will be fully aware of how fussy these birds are, and more specifically their dislike for bland and unflavored vegetables, like celery.

But it is good to introduce celery as part of your chicken’s diet because it is packed full of fiber and nutrients that will be good for your chicken’s health.  

That being said, chickens do not have teeth, and if you have ever eaten celery you will be aware of how difficult the vegetable is to chew.

Although they won’t have any issues digesting the celery, chewing the celery will prove impossible so don’t be surprised if your chicken will not take the celery from your hand when you offer it.

Due to this, if you want your chicken to eat celery and digest all its nutrients and feel its health benefits, you will have to prepare the celery ready for your chicken to eat. 

Is celery healthy for chickens?

We’ve already mentioned that celery has several health benefits for chickens, but let’s take a deeper look at why celery is so healthy for chickens.

You will probably already be aware that celery is healthy, because of the health benefits that it has for human beings, these benefits are no different for chickens. 

Celery is low in the bad stuff, such as calories, and high in the good stuff, including vitamins, minerals, and a variety of antioxidants.

Celery is high in vitamin A, B, C, and K, as well as containing over 12 different antioxidants and including a high amount of calcium.

All of these nutrients have an impact on the quality of the egg that your chicken produces, so if you want your laying hens to produce better eggs, introducing celery to their diet might be a good idea.

While celery has proven health benefits for your chicken, you mustn’t overload them with celery.

Chickens only have a small stomach, so the best way to get your chicken to consume the nutrients in celery is to mix it in with their usual chicken feed.

But this is only one way that you can introduce celery into your chicken’s diet, so let’s take a look at the other ways you can add it to their diet. 

How to feed chickens celery 

Anybody who has eaten celery will be aware of how difficult it is to chew.

In fact, the chewing process is so vigorous that studies have proven that you burn more calories eating celery than you digest through eating it.

Chickens do not have teeth so they can’t chew celery and feel these health benefits, instead, chewing celery is impossible which is why you have to prepare the celery for your chicken to eat it. 

Before you chop the celery for your chicken, you need to check that it’s good to eat. Even if the celery is still within its use-by date, this doesn’t mean that it is good so you will have to check that it is actually fresh.

You shouldn’t feed your chicken anything that you wouldn’t eat yourself, so only use the celery if you would be happy to digest it.

If there are any bacteria on the celery this could harm your chicken’s health so you must check that it is in good condition to eat. 

Next, you need to chop the celery up. It is a string vegetable and your chicken will be unable to chew it, so you need to chop it into small enough pieces that they can swallow it without needing to chew.

Most people choose to dice celery for their chickens as this is the easiest size for you to be able to mix it with their existing feed. 

Once it has been chopped up, you can then add the celery into your chicken’s feed. However, you should only mix it with the feed that you plan on feeding your chicken at that moment as it will go off and begin to rot a lot quicker than the rest of their feed. 

You should ensure that you mix it thoroughly so that your chicken is more likely to consume all of its nutrients.

While your chicken might really enjoy the celery, you mustn’t feed them too much of it as it is important that they also get to eat the nutrients that are in their existing chicken feed.

If you find that your chickens are struggling to eat the celery, you could also soak the celery in water before feeding it to them.

The moisture from the water will soften the celery and make it easier to consume which could encourage them to eat it. 

It is possible for your chickens to become obsessed with the celery, so it is important that you only feed it to them in moderation.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your chickens are eating a balanced diet, and a diet that consists solely of celery will not be able to do this.

Just like when human beings like food, chickens may refuse to eat their feed if they become too obsessed with celery.

So not only does mixing celery in with their food improve their diet, but it will also ensure that they continue eating their regular feed rather than only eating the celery. 


In short, the answer is yes. Chickens can eat celery, however, it will depend on your chicken as they all have different taste preferences.

If your chicken does like celery, it is a good idea to introduce it into their diet as it has a large number of health benefits.

That being said, chickens do not have teeth so they cannot easily chew celery. So, in order to feed your chickens celery, you must chop it up and prepare the food for them to be able to enjoy it.