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Ray Feltwell
Reviewer: Danielle Gleeson from Australia
This guide to small-scale' free-range poultry is a must for those interested in keeping poultry the natural way. The information provided is suitable for both the beginner and novice, covering a broad range of must-know information. From do-it-yourself poultry housing through to feeding, health, and breeding, Ray Feltwell has presented a thorough, educational, and enjoyable read. For a novice poultry keeper like myself, it has become a handbook. Of special mention is the indepth listing of English regulations, clubs, and organizations dealing with poultry production.
J. H. Florea
Reviewer: Jeff M. Chambers from Nebraska
Of the three volumes I purchased when starting my family chicken flock this has been by far the most useful. I highly recommend it for the beginning through intermediate chicken farmer!

Karen Davis
Many Americans have made the choice to eat less red meat. For some, it is simply a health decision; others are choosing to become vegetarians for ethical reasons. Another factor is that books such as Jeremy Rifkin's Beyond Beef (1992) have exposed unsanitary processing conditions and alerted readers to the environmental consequences of raising and maintaining large cattle herds. Davis now targets those who eat chicken, turkey, or eggs with her scathing indictment of the poultry industry. She is president of United Poultry Concerns, an animal rights and animal welfare advocacy group, and she has previously written a vegetarian cookbook, Instead of Chicken, Instead of Turkey (1993), featuring "alternatives to traditional poultry and egg recipes." Upbraiding those who breed and raise poultry, Davis documents the inhumane conditions of factory farming, explicitly detailing the lives and deaths of battery hens raised in tiered brooding trays and of broiler chickens. She also charges that so-called free-range chickens fare no better. Bolstered by unyielding conviction, Davis argues her case with passion. David Rouse 10.36
Silvia A. Jphnson / Kiyoshi Shimizu
Reviewer: from Northwest United States
As a fifth grade science teacher I have used this book in my class for 2 years. I hatch chicken eggs every year. The students are obiously excited about the big day. What is unknown, of course, to them is what is exactly happening inside the egg. Somehow, even to 11 year olds, the chick just comes out. I mostly use this book to share the pictures, however, I do share some of the text as well. My students really have a great understanding of how quickly the backbone develops and how the chick develops. This makes the experience much more educational and worthwhile. I am very excited to have the opportunity to own this book rather than hoping that the library has it available each year. For your information, if you are hatching chicks, Carolina Biological Supply has a great poster available that shows the egg day by day. All 21 days are chronicled. There is no explaination of the days, though, so the book is a great partner.
If yours is one of the growing number of families interested in raising 20 hens or 40 broilers for eggs or meat, this book covers hatching, brooding, rearing and management of family-sized poultry flocks. It explains how to raise broilers, turkeys, ducks, geese, bantams and guineas. Dozens of illustrations plus plenty of valuable information for the first-time poultry raiser.
Will Graves
Reviewer: cluckachicken from Cle Elum, Washington United States
My four Rhode Island Reds are my first ever to care for and this book helped me to quickly know what to do without having to take a college course. It is helpful in building of and requirements of a coop, requirements for the growing chick into adulthood (food, lighting, temperature, water, protection and cleanliness.)I highly recommend this book and also bought one for a christmas present for an owner of a small flock.Plus there is much more information like, illness& diseases, butchering, ducks, turkeys, and incubation.


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