General Remarks

  • Chickens are the most widespread kind of poultry. They were bred out of a wild living chicken called gallus bankivus in the south-eastern part of Asia, about 5000 years ago. Throughout the centuries it has become a typical small livestock in our region, too, with the proverbial rooster on the dung heap who announces the morning with his voice.
  • Chickens that are kept outside look for their natural food consisting of worms, insects, grains and other things.
    Most of the chickens cannot fly very well and they are only able to fly onto their perch inside their hen house. Both sexes, especially the rooster, have a red hood, called comb.
  • Most people are fond of the light meat of chickens. Because of that, some decades ago big chicken fattening farms were built, with partly more than 100’000 chickens. Those chickens are able to convert 20 % of their food into meat and fat and that is why they grow very fast. Pigs only use 14 % and cattle only 4 %.
  • Today more than 200 breeds are known, one part of which was bred for meat and the other part for a high egg laying performance. Besides, there are also ornament breeds and breeds for rooster fight.
  • Among the most famous breeds there are the white and brown Leghorn. The name comes from the Italian town Leghorn. From there Leghorns were brought to America in 1835 and later re-imported to Europe in 1870 as a breed with very good laying performance. The rooster weighs about 6 pounds and the hen about 4.5. The hen lays about 250 eggs a year.

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